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Industrial Cleaning in Louisville

Industrial cleaning requires an extra level of care and adherence to building codes, standards, and company regulations. As a full-service cleaning company, Sanipure Services works with residential clients, commercial clients, and industrial clients to achieve next-level cleanliness that will keep your company functioning smoothly and looking its best.

From basic leaning to the handling and disposal of hazardous materials, we can disinfect and decontaminate to your heart’s content and maintain the high standards expected of an industrial facility or commercial warehouse. If you own an industrial property in Louisville, you know how important it is to be ready for inspections. Be professional and prepared at all times. Invest in industrial cleaning services with Sanipure Services.

A Superior Work Environment

When you need to adhere to EPA standards and regulations, you can’t get away with a little spring cleaning—you need a cleaning company on staff making regular visits to your industrial space.

Our Systematic Approach to Industrial Cleaning

We’ll customize your cleaning services to fit your industrial space and develop a task list for each visit to ensure that we never miss a spot. Our standard checklist covers what most companies charge extra for, and we work day in and out to keep your Louisville facility compliant with all local bylaws and state regulations. Our approach includes the following cleaning tasks for every client if requested:

Wall Cleaning

It’s rare that the walls of a manufacturing or storage facility get enough attention. Many buildings shift hands multiple times as different businesses move in and out. The result? Years of caked-on dirt and grime that’s difficult to remove. We use all the most advanced solvents and make your walls look as new as the day they were built.

Ceiling Cleaning

Cleaning high ceilings safely isn’t the sort of task that your employees can handle, and cleaning companies without the proper equipment won’t be able to do a good job at it either. Sanipure Services is Louisville’s expert industrial cleaning company: we never forget the platform lift machine.

Pressure Washing

While many business owners think of pressure washers as something to clean their cars with, they’re crucial for creating a safe and sterile working environment and reducing bacteria in your industrial space. We can even strip paint or layers of stuck grease built up after years of neglect.

Shelf and Bin Cleaning

No one likes dusting shelves or storage containers. That’s probably why the majority of businesses don’t do it. But when a single contaminated product can spell doom for your company’s reputation, you can’t gamble on safe cleaning

Exits, Entrances, Lobby

Just because your place of business isn’t open to the public doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a nice entrance and exit to showcase your professionalism as a business!

Food Area Decontamination

The break room is the scourge of many a cleaning company, and industrial kitchens the breeding ground for product recalls all over the nation. If your janitorial services company isn’t spending extra time to make this room sparkle, hire Sanipure Services instead.

Carpet and Flooring Cleaning and Vacuuming

Do you know how to properly strip and sanitize the floor of your warehouse or factory? Each flooring type needs a different sort of care. Sanipure Services only hires cleaning experts and provides them with all the necessary training and equipment to safely clean any facility the way it ought to be cleaned.

Washroom Sanitization

Your employees work hard day in and day out to meet production targets and keep your business afloat. They deserve gleaming washrooms that make them feel at ease when they’re taking a break. The bonus to you as the business owner? Clean and sanitized washrooms will reduce the risk of contamination of your goods and materials too!

Equipment Sanitization

All of the janitors we hire are trained in the proper health and safety techniques set out in the federal and state manufacturing guidelines, including sanitization of equipment.

Machinery Degreasing

Degreasing is one of the least pleasant and most difficult tasks to do at any workplace. When you work with heavy machinery or manufacturing equipment, that goes double. We take apart and degrease your equipment so you don’t have to!

Ventilation Systems Cleaning

Help your employees safely breathe and reduce sick days taken from asthma and allergies to boot!

We’ll customize your cleaning services to fit your industrial space, and develop a task list for each visit to ensure that we never miss a spot.

  • Wall cleaning
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Shelf and bin cleaning
  • Exits, entrances, lobby
  • Food area decontamination
  • Carpet and flooring cleaning and vacuuming
  • Washroom sanitization
  • Equipment sanitization
  • Machinery degreasing
  • Ventilation systems cleaning

And at the end of our visit, we’ll always dispose of waste safely and efficiently, leaving you with a pristine workspace that you and your employees can feel good about.

The Sanipure Advantage

While some Louisville industrial managers choose to hire an employee for janitorial services and save some money, they won’t be doing themselves any favors in the long-run.

When you outsource your industrial cleaning services to Sanipure Services, you’ll get quality, consistent, cleaning on every visit we make to your workspace. Providing Louisville home and business owners with superior cleanliness for more than 7 years, we’re experts in the field.

Louisville’s Industrial Cleaning Experts

Sanipure Services has been the number one choice for Louisville business owners looking for industrial cleaning for over five years. Why? Because we go above and beyond most professional commercial cleaning companies. We simply do not rest until we’ve done the job right, according to your exact specifications.

What Makes Us Different

At Sanipure Services, we know that we are not the only industrial cleaning company servicing the Louisville area. We also know that we have no divine right to your business and it is this awareness that shapes the high-quality industrial cleaning service that we offer our commercial clients

From day one, we have worked diligently to ensure that our commercial and industrial clients in Louisville had access to a superior service that would not be beaten for quality, price or convenience. And since then we have worked diligently to maintain these high standards, regardless of what obstacles are placed in our way.

What all this means is that no matter how big or small your industrial cleaning requirements are, with us in charge of things, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality service on time and under budget.

We are passionate about what we do and take no shortcuts in the pursuit of perfection for your business. So, whether you are new in town or a life-long Louisville resident, if you want the best, you need to forget the rest and call Sanipure Services today. We promise, you won’t regret it.

What We Do

One question that we often receive from our clients in Louisville is about what industrial cleaning actually entails. This is a very fair question and one that we are only too happy to answer. Our skilled team of industrial cleaners engage in both light and heavy industrial janitorial work for industries ranging from warehousing to processing plants and chemical manufacturers to agricultural companies. Our range of expertise in this field is unrivaled and we guarantee the best possible results for your business.

Unlike industrial janitors that focus mostly in retail units, office, schools and residential buildings, our industrial specialists are just as comfortable operating in unsafe and hazardous conditions that require advanced training and the most cutting-edge equipment available. In essence, what we do is maintain a clean working environment for all those who work in the area. The intense nature of our work means that it is most advantageous to do it on a day to day basis, but we can also provide a weekly or bi-weekly option.

A lot of the work carried out by our team is labor-intensive and requires a significant degree of elbow grease. This involves but is not limited to the use of high-powered washing equipment, industrial-level trucks and other forms of machinery as well as intense physical strength.

On top of that, depending on the nature and location of the work, the industrial cleaning that we often undertake involves removing hazardous chemicals, cleaning, inspecting, as well as repairing machinery when necessary. All our industrial cleaning specialists are trained and specialized in the most advanced techniques required to complete work of this nature to the highest possible standard. So, this means that when you call us, you can rest assured that you will receive a service like no other.

Healthy Employees Are More Productive Employees

When you work in a warehouse or other industrial production facility, a simple spring cleaning isn’t going to cut it. There are workplace regulations to comply to and hazardous materials. Even dust can cause serious respiratory problems or worsen allergies for sufferers. You can’t expect your employees to be operating at top capacity when they are sick, and maintenance of a clean and healthy industrial workplace is a big part of that!

Furthermore, when you’re pushing your employees to meet quarterly earnings targets and production quotas, it’s not realistic to expect them to pick up the janitorial supplies at the end of a long week. By hiring one of Louisville’s best industrial cleaning companies to do the job properly, you improve company morale and save yourself headaches.

Industrial Cleaning Isn’t Easy

Take it from us—we would know! Many business owners attempt to cut costs by handling their industrial cleaning needs themselves. But unlike an office, which can be cleaned with a vacuum, a mop, and some soap, the industrial workplace environment is functionally different. Many industrial environments contain dangerous materials that can cause damage to health if inhaled or mishandled.

And that’s not the only risk to life and limb. Tall shelves brimming with product are liable to topple or fall. The high ceilings of most industrial workplaces make cleaning windows hazardous. And that’s to say nothing of heavy machinery like grinders or assembly lines, which carry obvious risks even to trained professionals.

Industrial workplace accidents aren’t just damaging to employee morale, they damage your bottom line as well. That reason alone makes investing in industrial cleaning worthwhile.

And, by having the mental stamp of approval that comes with certified janitorial workers getting your company clean, there’s no one better. Save your employees for other jobs. When they no longer have to do any cleaning, we’re willing to bet you’ll see a rise in productivity!

Industrial Move Out Cleaning

After years of hard work, you’ve finally outgrown your warehouse or other industrial workplace—congratulations! While moving is stressful, you’ve earned the chance to celebrate.

Why not hire Sanipure Services to handle your transition from one factory to the next? There’s no point stressing over recouping your lease’s damage and cleanliness deposit—you already have enough to worry about.

Instead, outsource your industrial move out cleaning to the trained professionals. We bring our own janitorial supplies, which means you don’t have to spend a penny or lift a finger. We can even pre-clean your new warehouse or factory before you move in while also taking care of your previous location. Talk about getting off on the right foot at your new workplace!

Free Estimates and Competitive Pricing

At Sanipure Services, we pride ourselves in being able to offer all of our new clients free service estimates. That means you’re never going to get served with a shocking bill full of hidden prices at the end of your first clean. We’ll meet at your property and establish exactly what you need and what you’ll be paying for it up-front, and at no immediate obligation to you.

Let’s Get Cleaning!

Are you ready to “wow” your employees and inspectors? Book the cleaning technicians at Sanipure Services for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly regular services and show off your industrial space in the brightest light possible.

When you work with professional industrial cleaning services you’ll have a lot of good coming your way. Invest in your company and our years of experience. Give us a call today!

Call Us for a Free Estimate

Sanipure Services is dedicated to providing the best quality service in Louisville and beyond. It’s this attitude towards excellence that has made us one of the top professional commercial cleaning companies in the state. Whether you have a quarterly inspection coming up or just want to beautify your warehouse, give us a call today!