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Office Cleaning in Louisville

When it comes to your business, you know making a good first impression counts. One of the first things a client notices when they visit your office is its level of cleanliness, and that will definitely make the difference between them returning or not. At Sanipure Services, we know having a clean office plays an important role in your business's success, which is why we take great pride in making sure offices in the Louisville area shine and glisten with spotlessness.

The benefits of a clean office go beyond earning the trust of new clients. Working in a clean and well organized environment will make your staff happier and more productive as well, which will have an added positive effect on your business.Sanipure Services can help you create a more productive and profitable work environment for you and your employees!

Spotless Cleaning, Every Time!

Sanipure's various quality control processes will ensure your office is cleaned and sanitized in accordance to the highest levels of standard. We will keep your place clean each and every time our crew visits your premises. Documented checklists and reports ensures that Sanipure's professional cleaning staff will leave your entire office, not just certain areas of it, looking impeccable. In addition to the checklists and reports, we regularly call our clients for customer satisfaction follow-ups, to make sure you're as satisfied with our work as we are. We go out of our way to exceed your expectations.

Impeccable Janitorial Staff

When Sanipure Services' courteous and experienced staff arrive at your company's premises, the first thing they will do, is thoroughly clean your entire office. At the end of their shift, the restrooms will be in immaculate condition, the floors will be clean and polished, and customer as well as staff areas will look and feel clean and fresh.

Sanipure's staff will make sure that your Louisville office's entrance glass and frontage windows are perfectly clean and customer counter areas are washed, disinfected and sparkling. In fact, all of your offices and waiting areas will be completely disinfected and sanitized from the ground up. When Sanipure's staff cleans an office area, you can be sure each cubicle and even the upholstery will be left spotless. Our diligent team will also dust your display cases, kiosks and shelves, we do it all!

Reliable Office Cleaning Services

Sanipure's team will also vacuum, wash and polish your floors, as well as take care of any extra cleaning a carpet may need or maintenance a hardwood floor may require. Our team members also have the experience and skills to care for your concrete and ceramic floors.

Our team will also clean your lunchroom, including all of the appliances, as well as clean and sanitize your restrooms. Our professional cleaners will also make the exterior of your office look as good as the interior by washing your parking lot or garage and removing any dirt or graffiti from the walls.

Post Renovation Office Cleaning in Louisville

Is your Louisville business growing rapidly? Are you looking to make a change to the space? Do you need to improve the performance of your office by having extensive upgrades? More pointedly, are you thinking of making renovations or doing some remodeling to your current office space? If so, then it is a good idea to contact Sanipure Services.

We specialize in cleaning office spaces, not only as a regular service but also as a post renovation cleanup crew. You need your space to be ready as soon as possible so your employees can get back to work in an office that inspires their full potential. We can streamline the process by performing an efficient and thorough cleaning of the revamped area.

Remodeling contractors in Louisville are great at their job but they often only perform a minimal cleaning after the work is completed. They remove materials, debris and tools but it often stops there. Unfortunately, this means that more needs to be done before you can get back to business. Our team will:

  • • Scrub walls and doors
  • • Wash the ceiling
  • • Carefully check for nails and other left over debris
  • • Vacuum, sweep, and mop
  • • Clean carpets and upholstery
  • • Wipe down furniture
  • • Disinfect the area
  • • Clean ducts, blinds, grates
  • • Clean inside of cabinets and closets
  • • Remove all remaining trash

Sanipure Services is experienced in the systematic and complete cleaning of construction sites to prepare them for final inspection. We take the same demanding approach to all our cleaning projects, so you can rest assured that when we are done, the space will be ready for you and your workforce.

Office Kitchen Cleaning

If your office is like most, the kitchen area gets a bit chaotic when lunch time rolls around. This is completely understandable considering that this is the one time of the day where employees can step away from their work to fill up on food. It’s not surprising then that the kitchen can be left looking more like a college dorm room than an office kitchenette. Picture dirty dishes piled up in the sink, crumbs scattered under the table and condiments smeared across the counters. Not to mention, it isn’t uncommon for someone to forget about their lunch in the fridge for weeks until a foul smell reveals an old, moldy sandwich. And need we mention the occasional splatter in the microwave? Who wants to clean that up?

While your office likely has a set of rules to keep the kitchen area neat and tidy, rarely are they followed. The fact of the matter is that workers are busy, and the last thing they want to do is clean, especially when it isn’t their mess.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Hygienic With Sanipure Services

When you reach a point where office kitchen rules are no longer enough to keep the kitchen neat and tidy, it is in your best interest to bring in a professional cleaning company. Maintaining a kitchen isn’t only important for making a good impression, it also helps to keep your employees healthy. Germs and sickness spread fast in communal areas, and an office kitchen is no different. With so much happening in a small space, colds are bound to spread like wildfire.

Janitorial Services for Office Kitchenettes

At Sanipure Services, we are here to change that. As a leading janitorial company, we can keep your office kitchen looking great.

We understand that every office has different needs and requirements, which is why we can design a maintenance program based on your specific environment. This ensures your kitchen is always stocked with everything it needs, from paper towels to hand soap and more.

Ask anyone who works in business and they’ll tell you that first impressions are a deal breaker. When it comes to making a good first impression, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of keeping your kitchen clean. Even if meetings aren’t conducted in the kitchen, a lingering foul smell or the sight of dirt and grime are enough to turn off a potential business partner or client. Leave it to Sanipure Servcies to make sure your first impression isn’t your last. We offer a wide range of kitchen cleaning services that will leave your your kitchen immaculate, including:

  • • Sweeping and mopping
  • • Countertop disinfecting
  • • Supply restocking
  • • Fridge cleaning
  • • Trash and recycling removal
  • • Dish washing

Get in touch with us if would like to know more about how we can keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. We will gladly evaluate your office and design a maintenance plan with your needs and preferences in mind.

The Importance of Sanitizing

Does your current office cleaning regimen provide complete disinfecting and sanitizing services? This is something that many business owners in Louisville fail to consider when thinking about the needs of their professional enterprise. Here are some of the main reasons to have sanitizing as part of your office cleaning service

Employee health: in an office it is common for sicknesses to cycle. One person who is unwell comes in and spreads their sickness to others. In turn, those spread the illness and after a few weeks 'patient zero' gets sick again and the cycle continues. This is largely due to viruses and microbes being able to survive on surfaces for not just hours, but days and weeks. Disinfecting desks, telephones, computer equipment, cabinets and door handles will sharply cut the spread of disease, leading to less employee down time and higher productivity.

Company image: if your employees are sick, then it will hamper the image you wish to convey to clients and business partners. If a staff member is sniffling during a meeting, or has a congested nose when they speak, it all relates back into how those outside your office view you as a business.

Retain employees: if an office environment feels stifling because of low energy or tension, employees will look for other ways to make a living. Having a clean environment can help employee retention as healthy individuals have more energy to get work done on time. Furthermore, when a person is sick they have less patience than they normally would, which can lead to people losing their cool and undercutting an otherwise pleasant work experience.

Interior and Exterior Office Cleaning Services

As mentioned, no business can underestimate the importance of looking presentable. A clean working environment goes a long way in winning over customers, clients and employees. But a clean office isn’t limited to clean floors and facilities. Offices also need to consider exterior cleaning services to make sure that their curb appeal is high and that unkept exteriors aren’t deterring customers from doing business with you.

When you choose Sanipure Services as your office cleaning service provider, we can provide the same quality care to the exterior of your office as we do the interior. Simply let us know that you are interested in keeping the outside of your business as stunning as the interior when you call (502) 327-3811 to acquire the best office cleaning services in Louisville.

We are able to guarantee our customers the most thorough cleans in Louisville thanks to a procedural checklist so that we can rest assured knowing that there is nothing we have overlooked. To review our checklists, including both the interior and exterior, continue reading this page. If there is anything we have missed or if you have would like to add some specific task to your office space’s cleaning regimen, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. Just let us know when you call us because we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our list is as follows:

Interior Office Cleaning Checklist

  • Cleaning of entrance glass and frosted windows
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitization
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of customer counter areas
  • Complete cleaning of offices and waiting areas
  • Kitchenette cleaning and appliance clean-outs
  • Floor vacuuming, washing and polishing
  • Hardwood floor maintenance
  • Office cubicle cleaning
  • ATM cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Display, kiosk and shelf dusting

Exterior Office Cleaning Services:

  • Window cleaning
  • Landscaping services
  • Parking lot power washing and sweeping
  • Parking lot and garage cleanup
  • Hot and cold pressure washing
  • Concrete and ceramic care
  • Graffiti removal

Again, if there is something you need cleaned, either inside or outside your office space, simply let us know and we will be happy to include it on our checklist when our custodial technicians come by to clean your office.

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

More and more Louisville businesses are hesitant to hire an office cleaning service that can’t provide them with environmentally friendly solutions. For one, being able to present your business as environmentally conscious makes your brand seem progressive and on the cutting edge of the best practices. Plus, using harsh chemical cleaners can have a negative impact on your employees’ experience.

Rather than let your staff breathe in toxic fumes, choose Sanipure Services for our environmentally friendly office cleaning solutions. Not only do these products do their part to protect the Louisville landscape in all its glory, but it reduces the risk of employees or customers developing respiratory problems or skin irritation because these cleaning products aren’t nearly as intense. Environmentally friendly cleaning products have made huge strides in recent years. It no longer means sacrificing quality cleans. If you want your office cleaned with products that lower your company’s ecological footprint, simply let us know and we will be happy to cater to your request.

Made to fit Your Schedule

In our eight years of service cleaning offices in Louisville, one of the most valuable things we’ve learned is the importance of high-quality client service. After all—if you’re not happy, we’re not going to have a repeat customer! With this in mind, we set out to create lasting relationships with all of our clients to ensure that we have clients that last, and you have the reliable cleaning services you deserve. Let’s face it: No one wants to try company after company, uncertain of who to trust.

When you first meet with your Sanipure Services office cleaning crew, you’ll get to know everyone who will be in your office on a regular basis. We’ll plan out a schedule that best suits your needs—whether that’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on a call-in basis. There will always be licensed and bonded members of our company on hand to help you with all of your office cleaning needs.

Screened and approved by HomeAdvisor, our top-rated services have a reputation of flexibility. We’re happy to work around your schedule. And, if your schedule changes just let us know and we’ll plan out a new one!

Office Cleaning Rates

One of the best thing about hiring Sanipure Services for your office cleaning needs, is that you’ll be facing some of the best office cleaning rates around. Our professional cleaning services are top-rated and approved by many other Louisville office owners and managers just like yourself—not only for the quality we provide, but for the prices we provide that quality at.

By working efficiently and finding the best solutions for those hard to reach areas, our cleaning crew are able to complete any job quickly and to the highest standards. You’ll never find us cutting corners!

And, by using eco-friendly cleaning products you can be sure that we’re not only saving the environment but saving you money as well.

While the professional cleaning services required by an office differs from client to client, we can always provide you the best services at the best price. And, if you’re not sold yet, just get in touch and we’ll start you off with a free estimate for services!

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Professional Cleaners

There’s a lot of reasons to choose Sanipure Services for your office cleaning in Louisville. Our pricing is reasonable, our scheduling is flexible, and our crew is dedicated to providing the best in-depth cleaning around.

You can also rest assured knowing that Sanipure Services is a licensed, bonded and insured cleaning company. This means we're licensed by the state and are also insured to cover workplace accidents and damages to your property. So call Sanipure Services today at (502) 327-3811 to get your office in the Louisville area looking spotless and fresh!