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Louisville Schools and Daycare Facilities Cleaning

Getting dirty is all part of being a kid. We all want children to be able to play and enjoy their childhood but we also want them to be healthy. Stomping around in puddles, playing tag and being the last found in hide and go seek are what kids love to do but that can lead to the spreading of viruses and other illnesses.

Sanipure Services cannot help keep kids from playing in the mud but when it comes to keeping schools or daycares disinfected and sanitized we are experts.

Why hire a professional sanitizing service for your school or daycare?

Desks, chairs, floors, carpets, door knobs – since people use and touch these things they can be responsible for the spread of germs and viruses. Even with the advent of instant hand sanitizer germs and viruses are still getting on equipment through sneezes, coughs and contact with clothes. Left unchecked, these germs will find other hosts.

Professional sanitizing is very important in minimizing the spread of bacteria and viruses because the focus is not on cleaning just so that it looks good but so that the environment is a healthy one. As institutions, day cares and schools have a responsibility towards their staff as well as the children they educate. If the work area is not properly sanitized then there is a high chance that the employees will become sick leading to sick days and needing to hire substitutes.

Another worry is that unless older buildings are methodically cleaned and monitored then there is always the worry of mold as it only takes a small about of moisture to produce mold. Sanipure Services performs in-depth inspections on our sanitation and disinfecting projects so you can rest easy knowing that the areas we clean are mold free.

Sanipure Services will efficiently clean your:

  • Classrooms
  • Hallways
  • Washrooms
  • Administrative offices
  • Cafeterias

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If you are interested in our sanitizing and disinfecting service for schools or daycares in the greater Louisville area then we invite you to give us a call.

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Sanipure Services.