Leave Your Dull Floors Behind

Leave Your Dull Floors Behind

Get commercial floor cleaning and waxing in Louisville, KY when you call Sanipure Services

When deep cleaning your commercial building, don't forget about your floors. Sanipure Services provides commercial floor cleaning and waxing services throughout Louisville, KY. Our professionals will come assess your flooring and plan a safe and effective floor cleaning solution. Our floor waxing specialists can get rid of any noticeable wear and tear and completely restore your floors.

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Check out these FAQ about floor waxing

Sanipure Services can answer all of your questions about the process and importance of floor cleaning and waxing, including:

What types of floors need to be waxed?
All floors made of hard materials need to be deep cleaned and waxed: hardwood, concrete, terrazzo tile, laminate and stone.

How often do commercial floors needs to be waxed?
This really depends on the amount of foot traffic your floors get. We recommend polishing and waxing your floors every 6 months to 2 years.

Why do I need to have my floors deep cleaned?
Heavy foot traffic can cause pollen, bacteria and other contaminants to stick to the floors. Routine deep cleaning will reduce the risks of health issues in your office.

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